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The top 10 most EXPENSIVE food in the world!! The FIRST is astonishing!!!

The on-line journal “The Richest” made a list of the foods and dishes most expensive of the world!!

Let’s have a look of them…and unfortunately we can have only a look and not a taste, but never say never:


Mattake mushrooms are not easy to find and they grow expecially in the woods of Japan, Korea, North America. This kind of mushrooms is largely used in Japanese medicine.They costs raughly 1.230 € for a kilo!!

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9) BAGEL – $ 1,000

All of you know how Bagels are and, generally, they are not expensive but… the Special Westin Hotel Bagel, created by the Chef of this Hotel, is very very expensive!! They include some truffle cream and a jelly with… GOLD leaves!! About 1.230 € for one Bagel!!

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This six egg frittata is a creation of Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York. It contains lobster claws and the most expensive variety of caviar.

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7) WAGYU BEEF STEAK – $ 2,800

Kobe variety of this beef comes from Japan… (incredibly lots of the most expensive food come from Japan). It is said that animals are massaged to garantee tenderness and they are fed with beer. Almost 3.400 € only for one steak!!!

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This expensive and unique lobster contains crab, truffle, abalones, quail eggs and caviar!!! A brasserie of Bombay decided to create this expensive dish to celebrate the success of the film “Slumdog Millionaire”. If you want to taste this exceptional lobster you have to pay almost 4,000 €.

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5) PIZZA ROYALE 007 – $ 4,200

This expensive pizza is a creation of the Scottish chef Domenico Crolla. In this pizza you can find lobsters, caviar, tomato, prosciutto, venison medallion, smoked salmon, balsamic vinegar and… 24-carat gold flakes. About 5,140 €

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This variety of watermelon is a rarity and it grows only in the Hokkaido island. Once, only one watermelon was sold for almost 7,500 €, incredible!!

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3) YUBARI KING MELONS – $ 22,872

This prize is really crazy, for one melon almost 28,040 €!!

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2) ALMAS CAVIAR – $ 25,000

You know, caviar is one of the most expensive items in the world and it is not for everyone but this is surely the most expensive! Almas caviar is sold in a gold box in the Caviar House & Prunier lacated in Piccadilly in London for about 30, 30,650 €!!!

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This is a honour for Italy and all Italian people (and so, also for me) to affirm that at the top of this rank we have the Italian white Alba truffle!!! Its high price is due to the difficulty of its cultivation and once a retail investor bought a huge white alba truffle of 1,51 kilograms for 196,150 €!!!

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But in this TOP 10, two items are missing:

SAFFRON – 10,000 €

One kilo of this spice can cost from 1,000 to 10,000 euros.

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“SuperNariwa” water is the most expensive one and it comes from Japan! 99.95 dollars for a 10 ml bottle and 7,500 € FOR A 1 L BOTTLE.

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